A few years ago we purchased a marine tank. The ecosystem has brought us many pleasures but hard lessons were learned abouth the delicate balance and hard work to keep it safe and clean. Spending money on monitoring tools, bottles with all sorts of content to keep the tank clean, safe and fed. We both have busy careers and travel often. We heard about the services provided by AQUATICARE CC and enlisted.

The team arrives to clean, test and monitor, and do what is needed to have a successful tank providing us with a detailed report of the status. The team is friendly and always ready to make an extra effort to support and provide advice.

The convenience factor for us is not to fetch water on a regular basis, spending hours testing and maintaining and of course storing all this equipment etc. Knowing the tank is looked after by professionals, even when we are not home leaves us to just sit back and enjoy the tranquility. We would recommend their service to anyone with a fish tank, convenience has a price but this is a price worth paying.

The Strydom Family
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