To Whom it May Concern

Mr Riaan Visser of Aquaticare has been known to me since 2009. He was initially contracted to attend to the maintenance and upkeep of our 2,500 litre indoor (fresh water) fish tank. This was attended to twice per month, on a very professional and creative basis. So much so … that our fish tank is now a real feature of our home. Very soon afterwards, I engaged Mr Visser’s services to attend to the maintenance of our outside koi pond. Similarly – this job has been attended to on a highly professional and consistent basis. I am aware that Mr Visser is contracted to service both the external and internal fish pond/tank requirements of public art galleries and several high net-worth individuals around Johannesburg. He has established a reputation as a reliable, competitive and professional operator. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. Do not hesitate to contact the writer should you have any queries in this regard.


Happy Custamer
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